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Hitachi Solutions continues to deliver excellence and enhance the customer experience through our Lifetime Services team at Eurotunnel

Connor Timson sat down with Geoff Bishop from Eurotunnel to discuss the partnership with Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services and he answered some fundamental questions about the work behind our partnership.connor.png

In 2017, Eurotunnel decided to improve the promotion of its service for transporters and undergo a digital transformation project across the entire company. As part of their transformation strategy to simplify and digitise customer relations and improve customer experience, Eurotunnel partnered with Hitachi Solutions, delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 within 5 months. After a hugely successful project, Eurotunnel continued their partnership with Hitachi Solutions by transitioning to our Lifetime Services offering. 

I sat down with Geoff Bishop, Vendor Manager at Eurotunnel to discuss the partnership with Hitachi Solutions and he answered some fundamental questions about the work behind our partnership.

Describe your journey with Hitachi Solutions from start until now including the business problems Hitachi Solutions have helped Eurotunnel solve.

Our relationship with Hitachi Solutions Lifetime services started in 2017 following the replacement of our old customer management database (CRM). They were quick to react to our specific business requirements and took into consideration that our new system was going to be used by individuals of several different nationalities.

Describe your transition into Lifetime Services and the value our Lifetime Services team have added.

For us the transition to Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services was seamless. The team provide a friendly, yet professional service. They are dedicated, provide in-depth functional and technical knowledge of the system whilst being flexible to accommodate our business needs.

Describe the working relationship that has been built with the Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services team.

It is reassuring that Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services have been there with us every step of the way; a safe pair of hands if you will. They are always available to assist; from prompt replies to emails, weekly catch-up calls, listening to us and supporting our existing and evolving business needs.

What benefits have you experienced from the partnership with Hitachi Solutions?

We particularly appreciated that Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services were able to provide innovative solutions, which sometimes required specific tailoring of the CRM environment so that it worked best for our business needs, and ultimately, that of our customers. They have proven to be adaptable in supporting key third party integrations and upgrades our Master Data Management feed from SAP (customer account profile), ClickDimensions Bulk email communications and DocuSign electronic document signing service for managing signatures of sales contract renewals and formalising new business. This digital functionality has proven to be an essential tool during the Coronavirus crisis with the Support teams being located away from the office. They have also been readily available to support us through several system upgrades, which have been carried out either before or after our regular business hours to minimise the impact on our customers.

What does the future look like with Eurotunnel and Hitachi Solutions?

Whilst the future is particularly uncertain and unpredictable with the global impact of Coronavirus and Brexit on business working relations between the UK and the rest of Europe, we look forward to our continued relationship with Hitachi Solutions Lifetime Services in the knowledge that both parties have a desire to succeed in our ambitions for the future.


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