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Transforming CRM at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Industry analysts, GlobalData, explore how Hitachi Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, increasing staff productivity and saving Essex County Fire and Rescue Service £125,000 annually.

The role of UK fire and rescue services have evolved over the past decade. In addition to responsibility for responding to emergencies, the teams now play an increasingly important role in incident prevention.  This is combined with a growing mandate to share information and intelligence with other agencies, like the police force.

In 2009, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service adopted a new IT strategy which included replacing its existing Management Information System (MIS). In 2014, Hitachi Solutions was engaged to deliver the new solution, ultimately delivering annual cash savings of £125,000 after going live in early 2016.

The new system, built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform provides a solution that will support Essex County Fire and Rescue Service as it continues to evolve, creates operational efficiencies and allows it to more effectively share information with other agencies, improving the safety of local homes and businesses.

Industry analysts, GlobalData, spoke to Dennis Leeks, Programme Manager at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service. Discover the lessons learned in the implementation, here or get in touch with our team.

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