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The Customer

Dr Martens is an iconic British footwear brand, loved the world over for its signature style that unapologetically represents freedom, self-expression, and authenticity.

Formed in 1947, Dr Martens made headway as a wholesale business and now has more than 200 stores globally, with ambitious plans for retail and e-commerce growth. Recognizing the need to evolve to suit the needs of the twenty-first-century consumer, the brand embarked on “Project Reboot: Join the Revolution” to replace all its legacy applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365.“

„It was recognised that we needed a major transformation project to replace all our legacy applications to give us the tools to be able to grow the business“, says Jackie Reid, Program Lead for Project Reboot. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 was selected because it gave us an end-to-end solution across all areas of the business.

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The Challenge

Dr Martens wanted to become more efficient as a business, operate globally, enrich the role of their people by replacing a number of manual & cumbersome tasks, and support global growth. Dr Martens wanted to leverage their investment in Dynamics 365 to:

  • Create an integrated and engaging digital strategy to support their growth.
  • Provide a true multi-channel business model
  • Create a flexible platform that enables easier decision making
  • Invest faster in existing stores and increase their store presence globally
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The Solution

Hitachi Solutions’ global expertise in retail, wholesale and distribution, combined with extensive experience across Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled the team to quickly define Dr Martens requirements and deliver the best options for them.

  • Rolling out Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to 200+ users
  • Rollout of Microsoft mPOS and cPOS to over 125 stores across EMEA and North Americas
  • Continue to improve the solution to provide greater agility and open new markets
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It was really important for us to select the right calibre of partner with the same ambitious vision to help us drive this project to a successful deployment. Hitachi Solutions had good practice and methodology to deliver this project to a schedule and within budget

Jackie Reid
Project Reboot Programme Lead

The Future

The solution has been implemented in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and United States of America and is being rolled out across Asia Pacific in 2020. The brand is thriving with its new solution, with benefits being realized across all areas of the business.