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Our people make us exceptional! A slogan or a principle that we cherish and truly believe in.

Hitachi Solutions is a people-first organisation. People are our greatest treasure we want to help them grow during our common journey, so we continuously look to invest in them. We do this in a variety of ways no matter how short or long-term. The focus of this article is to outline the foreign language courses scheme provided in the Bulgarian branch.

We listen to our people and believe that everyone has something important to say and a contribution to make. That is how the idea to provide foreign language courses to our colleagues came up in 2020. Given the international nature of projects, it is very important for consulting and administrative facing roles to know fluent English and German or French is always advantageous. Bulgaria is a popular country with the fact that a lot of people speak different languages and that is why is attractive for foreign investments. However, to find a person who speaks two languages equally perfect is a challenge and almost impossible. We are very proud that we have such experienced professionals who also speak multiple languages and we investigated how to increase even further our multilingual capability.

At the beginning of Autumn 2021, we decided to launch the scheme trailing German language courses. We opened the scheme for people with any level of previous knowledge, even complete beginners. We were even surprised how many people took this seriously and embarked on the longer-term journey of starting to learn a new language from the very beginning! Following entry exams, we formed A1 and B1 groups as per the European classification standard.

The colleagues were able to study with their dedicated group and teacher 2 or 3 times per week for 6 months, during dedicated working time hours. They had homework, team tasks, and regular exams. We observed with real interest this process because these courses gathered in one place with common goal talents from completely different departments. For example, on a regular basis, a technical consultant worked on tasks together with a back-office finance specialist, internal information systems administrator, and PMO professional. This unique combination was only possible to see during the language classes because these positions do not have common work projects day-to-day. It created a community of common interests and goals amongst different people in the team, they supported each other during the journey, and they shared a lot of fun moments too.

The progress of this initiative spread quite quickly internally, and a group of fluent German & English speakers wanted to be included in the French course for beginners. This also created another unique set of participants with common goals from different business areas. In the end, we ran 3 language course groups – 2 German and 1 French.

The course ended with final exams, and we are proud that we had a lot of excellent results! The satisfaction and sense of achievement when achieving the official certification level were so big that almost all participants asked if we could proceed with the training for the next levels. After, a deserved summer break, we are ready to launch the next language training programme in a much bigger scale. In the Autumn of 2022, we’re launching our new language scheme with more participants, group levels, and languages. We will be running: German groups in levels: A1, A2, & B2. For the French lessons, we will continue with group A2 and a new A1 group. We’re also adding Business English courses, for our colleagues who had worked mainly with German markets or just simply want to advance their English and be part of a language group.

Our foreign language scheme doesn’t only improve the knowledge and skills of the people but also helps to increase their social life and integration into the team while gaining language skills, as long-term personal benefit.  The programme gets people together with a goal, and during the collaboration, they get to know each other better; they support each other on long-term goals, which promotes the longer-term commitment to the team of Hitachi Solutions Bulgaria. Promoting, enabling, and supporting longer-term commitment to the company has become extremely important these days…in fact more than ever! We are looking forward to the results of the latest initiative and we remain proud to create experts who make us remarkable!


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We listen to our people and believe that everyone has something important to say and a contribution to make.

Adriana Bailey
Country Manager
Адриана Бейли

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Адриана Бейли

Адриана е сърцето на компанията. По нейна инициатива фирмата открива клона си в България, като тя го сформира и продължава да го управлява още от самото му създаване през 2019 г. Тя има повече от 12 години международен опит в бизнеса и технологичните консултации на Microsoft. Ръководи стратегическите цели на компанията на национално ниво, като разширява екипа с талантливи, високо квалифицирани, мотивирани професионалисти.